Where to Buy the ‘Blush’ adidas Yeezy 500s

We’ve been seeing a lot of the ‘Blush’ Yeezy 500s. They made an appearance in Kanye’s recent viral marketing campaign, pre-released at adidas’ warehouse party and have finally received a global release date.

If you saw the amount of hype surrounding the shoe (Are they ugly? Genius? Does it even matter?), and wondered if you’d miss out, never fear: the ‘Blush’ Yeezy 500 is dropping nearly everywhere. Yeezy Mafia recently reported that 35,500 would release in the US and 27,500 would release in Europe, with each store stocking 500 pairs. With the amount of stockists named globally, that makes for an insane amount of Yeezys.

You can read the list below, but get comfortable before you do so — you’ll be there for a while.



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