Vans Sparks Creativity with U-Colour Footwear Collection

Vans has released a new collection called U-Color, encouraging wearers to customize their Era and Slip-On sneakers by coloring them in.

As a nod to the early day of Vans when SoCal skateboarders and surfers would rework their own pairs, the sneakers serve as a blank canvas for creativity and urge you to Sharpie-in the new sneakers. Vans has provided an Era covered in a checkered grid for you to re-design, and has also covered another “True White” canvas pair in flower prints for you to tackle.

On the sidewalls of the checkered pair, you’ll find the words “Custom Made By…,” which further encourages you to get creative with your signature. The Slip-On is covered in a traditional flash tattoo design featuring sugar skulls, bulldogs, stars, and much more, serving as the ideal base for plenty of color.

All pairs of customizable Vans U-Color sneakers retail can be purchased from Vans now.