The Nicole McLaughlin x Reebok Collection Hits a Raffle

If you’ve been on the Gram in the past few months (and let’s face it, who hasn’t), you’ve undoubtedly come across at least one of Nicole McLaughlin’s wearable art-pieces. From old tennis bags and camera cases, to egg cartons and Capri Suns, Nicole sees no limits in her artistic crusade for sustainability.

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Now the former Reebok graphic designer, and upcycling fashion innovator, has officially teamed up with the ’Bok to bring us a one of a kind, 17-piece collection of one-of-one upcycled apparel, footwear and accessories. Manufactured entirely from older pieces, the inspiration derives from McLaughlin’s love and desire to breathe new life into heritage products.

The Nicole McLaughlin x Reebok collection will be available from September via online raffle and through an in-store lottery at the collection launch event at Reebok Union Square in New York.