Q&A With PUMA ambassador Cara Delevingne.

PUMA is debuting an all-new women’s silhouette titled the CELL Stellar. Origins for the design were introduced during the ’90s when the first iteration of CELL technology was released.

Ahead of its official debut, Cara gave a Q&A where she talks about embracing your “weirdness”, Lady Gaga and what it takes to be confident and bold.

This new campaign with PUMA is about embracing individuality and inspiring confidence – what does it mean to you that you’ve been chosen to face this approach? 

It’s quite an honor to be chosen to face this type of campaign. Individuality is something I’ve always supported. My Instagram bio says “Embrace your weirdness” and I truly believe that.

Who you think is someone that embraces individuality and therefore inspires your own confidence?

I think someone like Lady Gaga really embraces individuality. How she arrived at the Met Gala and just owned her moment was just so inspiring.

How would you describe your style today? 

My style is definitely relaxed but bold. I like bright colors and weird prints. Definitely not the expected approach.

How has your journey with confidence changed? 

I think I used to be way more concerned about what everyone else thought of me (i.e. reading Instagram comments) and these days I’m just proud to be who I am… whether people like it or not.

Who would you love to workout in these sneakers with? 

I’d challenge anyone to a football match in these sneakers.

How will you style these trainers? 

I think it will change by the day. Depending on my mood.

What is your number one piece of advice for our readers looking to find their inner confidence? 

Do what makes YOU happy.

How do you stay motivated?

I like to surround myself with lots of inspiring people.

What is the most common item in your closet?

Sneakers are definitely the most common item in my closet.

Which PUMA shoes you love the best?

I love the new Puma Cell Stellar sneakers lately.

How would you style the PUMA CELL Stellar to nail different looks – like day and night?

I love the color blocking of the shoe so maybe do the same with my outfit.

What brand spirit of PUMA resonates with your beliefs?

I love how Puma really focuses on the importance of women and building products specifically for women.

Please share some tips on how to be confident and bold.

Don’t be afraid to be different. What makes you different is often your best quality.

As PUMA global women ambassador, what do you want to voice for women and what do you want to encourage them?

I want to encourage all women to be strong and to not be afraid.

Describe a person that influenced you most.

My sisters have been huge influences on me.

How to balance work and life?

I use meditation to keep me grounded even during the busiest times.

What exercise do you love the best recently?

I really love yoga.

There is often a cross over between sports and fashion leading to sport-inspired street style. How has your streetstyle evolved over the years?

I think it’s become more and more relaxed over time.