What The 1992 Dream Team wore during their historical gold rush.

With ESPN’s much-anticipated documentary “The Last Dance” airing episode 5 and 6, viewers may be unfamiliar with a lot of the featured kicks on court. Everyone knows (or should) about Jordan’s “Olympic” VIIs, but do you know what Magic wore? Bird? Barkley? One of the most illustrious collections of talent that has ever been put together on one team also brought out some of the most important sneakers. All brands from Nike, to Converse, to LA Gear are represented on the most timeless team in history. The documentary highlights how the roster may have laced up a little tighter for practice than for the actual games, but regardless of the circumstance, the court was always heated up.

Check out what the 1992 U.S. Olympic “Dream Team” wore during their historical gold rush.

Michael Jordan // Air Jordan 7

Charles Barkley // Nike Air Force 180

Larry Bird // Converse Bird

Magic Johnson // Converse Magic Olympic Mid

Clyde Drexler // Avia Arc

Scottie Pippen // Nike Air Flight Lite

David Robinson // Nike Air Ballistic Force

Patrick Ewing // Ewing Eclipse

Karl Malone // LA Gear Catapult

Christian Laettner // Nike Air Flight Huarache

Chris Mullin // Nike Air Flight Lite

John Stockton // Nike Air Ballistic Force