The Last Dance: Every Sneaker Worn in the entire docu-series

Detailing the Chicago Bulls’ famed 1997/98 NBA Championship season, ESPN’s new documentary The Last Dance dives headfirst into one of the most infamous stanzas in sporting history: Michael Jordan’s last season with the franchise he brought to the fore.

Considering his undeniable influence both on and off the court, His Airness has been always been a curious case, with his exploits from the locker room and his personal life shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless, when it came to the footwear, MJ’s signature sneakers remain as revered and recollected as his on-court exploits.

Yet another Tinker Hatfield masterpiece, the Air Jordan 13 exemplified Jordan’s ‘Black Cat’ moniker, bringing forth a fierceness never-before-seen in a basketball sneaker. If The Last Dance has reminded us of anything, it’s that legends stand the test of time – and the Air Jordan 13 is undeniably one them.

Episode 1

Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game”

Thirteen certainly wasn’t an unlucky number for MJ, with the Air Jordan 13 bolstering his famed signature line in ferocious fashion. Going into his last season with the Bulls, Jordan flaunted the feline-inspired court shoe throughout the 1997/98 campaign in an assortment of Chicago-themed colourways.

Tinker modelled the AJ13 on a black panther, finessing a unique outsole pattern based on the shape of a paw, and dressing the ankle with a holographic jewel, mimicking a cat’s eye. It was a divergent design, unlike anything the Jordan line had seen before, but performance clearly wasn’t compromised.

Jordan gamed both Low and Mid variants of the AJ13, favouring the latter during most his 28.7 PPG-averaging season. The fan-favourite ‘He Got Game’ colourway was the regular season weapon, made even more famous with its prominence in Spike Lee’s film of the same name. Additionally, a ‘Cherry’ number echoed the ‘He Got Game’ white leather upper, but gave Jordan a fierier option for away games.

Come Playoff time, things took darker turn, with Jordan revisiting the black joints he debuted during 1998’s All Star Weekend. Aptly dubbed the ‘Playoff’ colourway, the sneaker’s murdered-out upper perhaps foreshadowed Jordan’s final AJ13 scheme for the season: the famed ‘Bred’, which was his main gamer during the Finals.

Nike Air Ship

Before the Air Jordan 1, there was the Nike Air Ship

Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe”

MJ and the Bulls team really golfed at Castle & Coasters before the 1993 NBA Finals against the Phoenix Suns. Legends

Air Jordan 1 “Banned”

His Airness rocking the multiple gold chains like an absolute legend.

Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”

From head to toe, Michael Jordan always got a fit off.

Air Jordan 11 “Bred”

The 1996 NBA Finals and the AJ11 would kick-off the second three-peat championship run.

Air Jordan 14 “Final Shot”

Despite being the last-ever signature sneaker Jordan wore as a Bull, the AJ14 ushered in a new era of performance for Jordan Brand, with a low-cut build for speed, dual zoom units, and unmistakable mesh vents.

Jordan debuted the AJ14 in the second half of Game 5. He may have been ‘running on fumes’ according to the broadcast crew, but the AJ14 was quite the opposite, packed with sports car inspiration and class-leading performance. Interestingly, Tinker had told Jordan not to wear the ‘Prototype’ sneaker, but he couldn’t help himself – the rest is history.

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

When’s the last time you hooped in your “Concord” pair?

Converse Pro Leather

Jordan almost signed with Converse before signing with Nike

Converse Star Player

Before gracing the NBA hardwood, MJ proved he could hoop at the highest level during the 1984 Olympics.

Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red”

By far one of the cleanest colorways of the Air Jordan 5 to exist.

Episode 2

Air Jordan 3 “White Cement”

Michael Jordan truly redefined Air

Nike Air Pippen 2

The Nike Air Pippen 2 released in 1998. Forever a classic

Nike Air Pippen 1

The Pippen line is arguably one of the best signature lines of all-time right behind Jordan.

Nike Air Jordan 13 “Chicago”

Never forget when Jordan dropped 49 points against the Clippers as Kobe was in Staple Center watching the game.

Nike Enterprise

The Nike Enterprise raised a lot of eyebrows about what MJ was wearing.

Air Jordan 1.5

At a quick glance, the Air Jordan 1.5 “Chicago” looks like a regular shoe. However, the difference is in the sole as it features the tooling from the Air Jordan 2.

Air Jodan 1 Strap “Chicago”

The Air Jordan 1 Strap “Chicago” was engineered to keep MJ’s foot secure as he was recovering from a severe injury that took place at the start of his sophomore season

Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” (Dunk sole)

The Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” featured a Dunk sole. Imagine if these were to drop…just saying

Nike Air Maestro 1

Friendly reminder to give Scottie his roses (and his money)

Episode 3

Converse AS Rodman

Converse wrestled Dennis away from his Nike deal in 1997, putting the league’s most controversial character at the forefront of its performance basketball lineup. To no one’s surprise, the deal wasn’t all smooth sailing, but that didn’t stop CONS from dropping some of the most memorable (and underrated) signature sneakers ever.

The Converse All Star 91 kicked things off in understated fashion, with Dennis rocking and somewhat minimal full-grain leather ballers at the start of the 1997 Playoffs. However, things did take a wild turn come his third and final season with the Bulls. Inspired by his famed tattoos, the ambitious All Star Rodman would go down as his most memorable Converse sneaker. Featuring REACT technology (no, not that React), the All Star Rodman was highlighted by its tribal detailing and unmistakable sun logo on the side.

Dennis closed out his career playing at the Lakers and Dallas wearing the forgettable D-Rod High, and it’s a bit of shame that his sneaker career had to end that way. But hey, we guess he had his mind on high heels by that stage.

Air Jordan 4 “Bred”

The Shot. Enough said (sorry Ehlo)

Air Jordan 5 “Black Metallic”

The all-black pair with the silver tongue and red accent created a masterpiece

Converse D-Rod

The “7” on the shoe was a nod to the number of times Rodman was crowned rebounding champion.

Converse AS Springfield

Rodman’s effort on the court was truly unmatched.

Converse AS 91

Possibly the most under appreciated Converse that Rodman wore in his career.

Air Jordan 12 “Cherry”

Although the colorway made a short appearance, we had to make sure it got some props.

Episode 4

Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux”

The colourway last saw the retro treatment in 2015. Is it time for another re-release?

Air Jordan 6 “Infrared”

The Air Jordan 6 will forever be immortalized with Jordan’s first ring.

Episode 5

Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”

We know we said we would only list a sneaker based on first appearance, but we have to give this gem its respected flowers

adidas KB8 (Crazy 8)

Two legends going at it in the 1998 NBA All-Star Game

Converse Weapon

Imagine if Converse signed Jordan?

adidas Pro Model

The Three Stripes really dropped the ball with Jordan (and later Kobe)

Air Jordan 1 “Bred”

Shoutout to Deloris Jordan. A true legend for making MJ meet with Nike

Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe”

According to the documentary, Jordan signed with Nike for 250 million

Air Jordan 4 “White Cement”

The AJ4 “White Cement” was a huge step from the AJ3 with its wings, eyelets and its heel tab

Air Jordan 5

Spike Lee took the Jordan line to a different level with his cultural influence

Air Jordan 7 “True Red”

Jordan really put the work on Clyde Drexler and the Portland Trail Blazers in the 1992 NBA Finals

Nike Air Pegasus 92

The Nike Air Pegasus 92 “Olympic” re-released in 2016

Air Jordan 7 “Olympic”

Top down, the jersey and Air Jordan combo was fire

1992 Dream Team

Take a look at every sneaker worn by The Dream Team here

Episode 6

Air Jordan 8 “Playoffs”

A tradition like no other: black and red Jordans for the playoffs

Episode 7

Air Jordan 7 “Cardinal”

Michael Jordan and Sports Illustrated were such an iconic duo (before baseball)

Air Jordan 9 Cleat

This would be the only time Jordan would wear the AJ9 until his Wizards days

Episode 8

Air Jordan 10

“I’m back.”

Nike Air Challenger LWP

The silhouette was famously worn by another Nike legend — Andre Agassi

Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

Jordan would debut the Air Jordan 11 “Concord” against the Orlando Magic in the playoffs

Nike Air Flight One

This would mark the only time his Airness would wear another player’s shoe

Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”

The film truly created memories

Nike Air Shake N’Destrukt

It was only right that Nike would test an eccentric model on a player with a vibrant personality

Air Jordan 11 “Bred/Playoffs”

Truly one of the most iconic images of Jordan

Episode 9

Air Jordan 13 Low PE

One of the few times his Airness would wear a pair on-court that wouldn’t release

Air Jordan 13 “Bred”

The Air Jordan 13 “Bred’ was actually supposed to the be “The Last Shot” colourway. More on that later

Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs”

The Air Jordan 12 “Playoffs” retroed in 2004 and 2012. Is it due for another release?

Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game”

Who believes this story? Let us know on social media

Episode 10

Unreleased Jordan

Jordan Brand has some dress shoes in the vault?

Air Jordan 14 “Last Shot”

Jordan Brand should’ve shocked dropped these instead

Jordan Centre Court

Only a handful of pairs exist. Word to his Airness rocking that exclusive heat