Reebok partners with local lifestyle brand, Sealand Gear to reimagine a zero-waste future.

Sustainability does not only come from a product; it comes from the packaging as well. Waste reduction, recycling, upcycling, and sustainably sourced material is becoming more of a priority for the lifestyle and fashion sectors. See the full exclusive interview below, and expect the The Sealand x Reebok to release via Reebok webstore February 17.

What was the motivation behind the partnership / collaboration?

Reebok: The partnership Sealand is all about local collaboration; inspiring and introducing our communities to start living more consciously by prioritizing sustainability when choosing what products to wear. With Sealand being a leader in the field sustainability, this gave us the opportunity to authentically tell our story as we start moving to a more sustainable way of creating. One that will pave the way for a better future for our communities.

Sealand: We always look at collaborations and partnerships through various lenses. With Reebok, our approach was to align with a well-established global brand, that is taking the necessary steps to improve their environmental responsibility, where Sealand can directly assist and inspire this change in behavior. Through our approach to upcycling waste materials, responsible employment through living wage and personalization, and our brand recognition for building high quality goods, designed to last a lifetime

Tell me about the product (s); how to they bear a lighter footprint on the environment?

Reebok: Made with at least 30% [Ree]Cyled materials on the upper, the Classic Leather Legacy is built with sustainability in mind. This shoe also celebrates community. The different backgrounds, personalities and outlooks that shape all of us.

Sealand; The unique tote bag is constructed with a combination of waste materials. From old Yacht Sails used as a tough exterior multifunctional pocket, to previously used advertising banners that we upcycled into hanging interior pockets to keep your belongings organized. The body of the bag being made from B-grade outdoor canvas, which is perfectly suited to a lifetime as a tote bag. The tote is hand made with durable materials, designed for repair rather than replace, giving this special bag a lifetime warranty.

Why is it important for your brand to have a sustainable production model?

Reebok: Sustainability is critical to ensure that we preserve our planet. As a global brand, we have an opportunity to take the necessary steps toward a cleaner future and inspire our communities to start making decisions more consciously- ones where we think about the impact the making of the certain product had on the environment before committing to purchase.

Sealand: Sealand was born with the environment in the driving seat. We founded the business around responsible business practices that aligned to PEOPLE and PLANET. Therefore, we can only do business in this way. There should not be any other way.

How does the upcycled product compare to the rest of your product range?

Reebok: The Future Legacy product range is made up of at least 30% [Ree]Cyled materials on the upper. Sustainability is a key story and commitment to our range for the ss21 season and beyond. You will see more product coming out of our REE CYCLE and REE GROW projects throughout the season.

Sealand: About 90% of our products are created through an upcycling process, the remaining balance are either recycled blends, or very well made durable materials/products design to stand the test of time.

Anything else you would like to add?

Reebok: You can’t change what came before. But you can change what comes next. Because it’s your time. Take everything. Your surroundings, your influences, your inspiration. And turn it into something you want to be remembered for. A legacy worth remembering. Because a legacy isn’t just something we leave behind, it’s what we create now. You haven’t had the chance to show the world what you’ve really got, yet. But you’ve started. WRITE YOUR LEGACY

Sealand: Authenticity is critical for brand recognition in this day and age. At Sealand we’re building a future proof lifestyle brand, which we believe in and live.