Here are a few of the best books to pick up

As recently detailed in The Best Sneaker Things to Do While in Quarantine, it’s worth becoming a bookworm to level up your sneaker knowledge. No one’s expecting you to recite specific colourways or product codes, but you’re likely to learn something new! Here are just a handful of books out of hundreds that are worth tracking down for a deep read.

The Ultimate Sneaker Book

If there’s a horn to be blown, it’s ours. As the name suggests, The Ultimate Sneaker Book is the essential guide to sneaker culture, condensing 15 years of Sneaker Freaker’s authoritative documentation into a 700-page reference. The who’s who of the game are interviewed and interrogated, and an enviable archive of vintage advertising material is among the clearest highlights in the book – many sections of which will only ever be committed to print. Every significant sneaker, personality, ad, and footwear-related paraphernalia is contained inside. If your copy is still deadstock, crack it open! Like how sneakers are supposed to be worn, The Ultimate Sneaker Book is supposed to be read. Cover to cover.

All Gone

Michael Dupouy is the king of chronicling street culture. Since 2006, his All Gone series is a comprehensive compendium of the year gone by in sneakers, streetwear, and anything under the dynamic umbrella of ‘street culture’. There’s a heavy focus on limited editions, which is the very nature of the publications themselves. As the years have gone on, All Gone’s self-reflection of limited edition culture has resulted in supplementary collaborations and extra covers to celebrate the venerable tome. Good luck sourcing back issues, but there are still copies of All Gone 2019 available directly from the website.

The adidas Archive

Inside adidas’ Herzogenaurach HQ lies an extensive product archive containing over 7000 different sneakers. The adidas Archive highlights 357 of the collection’s most significant silhouettes, curated by its custodians Christian Habermeier and Sebastian Jäger. Find some of the brand’s earliest designs, plus never-before-seen samples and a comprehensive recap of past and present collaborators. Even the casual Three Stripes fan will appreciate the painstaking lengths adidas have gone to preserve and celebrate the brand’s deep history.