Sneakers Imitate Art in Latest Arsham x adidas Colab

Multidisciplinary contemporary artist Daniel Arsham is set to collaborate with adidas again. Following the July release of his PAST IS PRESENT model, we’re now being introduced to the PRESENT.

Sitting atop a BOOST sole and with a cloudy dark grey colour scheme, the PRESENT is an entirely new addition to the Stripes’ collection. It’s said to be inspired by Arsham’s fascination with architecture and concrete materials. But this sneaker’s being branded as ‘art’, so interpret it how you please!

The PRESENT hasn’t arrived just yet. The cloudy kicks are set to release on December 9 in conjunction with Arsham’s latest short film, Hourglass Pt. 2. Release details haven’t been announced yet, but if the release of the previous Arsham x adidas colab is anything to go by, it’ll land at most major adidas retailers including Shelflife