Nike Are Letting You Change Up Your Swoosh

Travis Scott really started something. We used to be satisfied as long as our Nike’s had a big, bold Swoosh down the side. But now it seems one isn’t enough, and everything from Forces to Foams are coming with surplus Swooshes to swap out as your mood sees fit.

Nike’s latest Air Force 1 Swoosh pack comprises three AFs – white, black and bone – each coming with six additional Velcro-backed Swooshes. By our count, that’s 54 combinations from pastel to primary to fluoro if you lash out and get the whole pack.

And don’t worry, each shoe comes with a tonal option so you can keep things monochrome if that’s more your style.  the Nike Sportswear ‘Swoosh’ Quickstrike pack drops at Anatomy on Thursday, 15 February.